The "Green Alternative" To Bottled Water


green alternative

Bottled water costs you more than you think.  People are realizing the “True Cost” of bottled water to both the environment and to your wallet.  As of March 2012, more that 90 colleges and universities have banned or restricted the sale of bottled water on campus.  Even cities and towns across the country are joining this movement to reduce or restrict the sale of bottled water.  So what are the reasons for all this hoopla? According to the Earth Policy Institute (EPI), an environmental think tank;

  1. 86% of all water bottles are not recycled.
  2. 38 billion plastic bottles are plowed into our landfills annually.
  3. Over 47 million gallons of oil is needed to produce the plastic bottles.
  4. The incalculable amount of petroleum used to transport all this water.

Bottled water is also very expensive.  Depending upon the size and source of the bottled water, you can pay upwards of $1.27/liter.  This equates to over 125 times more expensive than tap water, which ironically, most bottled water is made from. Bottled water is even more expensive than gasoline which fuels are automobiles.  So if most bottled water is essentially tap water that has been filtered, it would be logical for us, the consumer to filter our own municipal water and benefit from the tremendous savings. This is truly the “green alternative” to bottled water. That is why colleges, businesses and municipalities are opting out of bottled water and bottle water coolers for point-of-use “bottle-less coolers” and hydration stations that allow you to refill your own bottles, save money, and save the environment. Because it is estimated in theU.S.alone, the retail packaged-water industry is a $22 billion business and world-wide estimated to be $150 – $200 billion, you can understand why the bottle water industry encourages you to buy bottled water. If you don’t want to contribute to the bottle water industry than contact Good As Gold and find out how you can help the environment and save money with our bottle-less water coolers and filtration systems. 

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