Our Water and Its Future

Our Water And It's Future

 Many believe that water not oil or gold is our planet’s most valuable resource. We need it to survive. When we explore other planets, we always look for signs of water because it is an indicator of life. On our planet, populations throughout the world continue to grow with many countries facing or will be facing water shortages.  And at the same time, the amount of water we have today is the same amount we had when dinosaurs roamed the earth.  In fact, we are drinking the same water dinosaurs pooped in.  You may ask why this is relevant.  In order to understand the future of our water, you must understand that the earth is like a sealed container of water, and what we got is all that we are going to have and when we pollute our water, it affects us all. The future of our water is bright if we do the right things today.  We must conserve and stop polluting.  We should develop new and better technologies to make formally unusable water usable, such as the desalination of ocean water and utilize filtration systems to make water safe and aesthetically pleasing to drink.  Filtered water is the future and as Neil Diamond sings in one of his songs, “The Future is Now”.  Good As Gold Coffee is committed to providing its customers with the best and newest technologies in water filtration for today’s water concerns and is also committed to staying at the forefront of future water technologies to address future water issues.

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