Everpure & Its Patented Pre-Coat Technology

Everpure's Patented Pre-Coat Technology

There are many different water treatment technologies that address different water quality needs. When it comes to filtration, Everpure's precoat process is unsurpassed. Our precoat filters set the standard for protection against contaminants, and millions of these innovative filters are in use by quality foodservice operations around the world. This patented technology offers:

  • Reduction of off-tastes and odors
  •  Removal of 99.99% of all particles as small as ½ micron in size.
  •  The largest filtering surface area for effective removal of contaminants and long filter life
  •  Protection against undetectable failures such as channeling and dumping.
  •  Chlorine reduction
  •  Cyst reduction
  • How Precoat Technology WorksHow the precoat process is different. 
    Many filters on the market feature a cylindrical carbon block wrapped in a membrane. This approach limits the surface area, thus reducing the life of the filter. Typically the filter membrane clogs long before the carbon effectiveness has expired. 

    Everpure precoat filters use a pleated membrane and a finely-powered filter media. When the cartridge in initially flushed with water during startup, the carbon powder hydraulically coats the fabric membrane evenly. This provides a surface area that is nearly 4x the surface area of a traditional filter. 

    Precoat cartridges are shipped with the Micro-Pure® II  media mix dry and powdery in the bottom. When a cartridge is first activated, the incoming water makes a slurry of the media, which begins to deposit on the fabric septum as soon as the pressure vessel fills with water and the water pressure begins to force water through. Soon, the particles of media form interlocking structures analogous to the construction of arches and domes, creating a stable filtration layer called the “precoat cake”. These precoat filters have a media depth of only a few millimeters— less than a quarter-inch—spread out over a large, pleated septum with several square feet of filtration surface area.

    Their mechanical filtration efficiency is NSF-Certified as greater than 99.9% at 0.5 micron. 

Precoat Technology Sectional
 1. Water enters the top of the Everpure filter cartridge, flows down throught he inlet tube and into the filter chamber. 
 1. Water enters the top of the Everpure filter cartridge, flows down throught he inlet tube and into the filter chamber. 

2. Through our exclusive precoat process, Micro-Pure coats the filter membrane through the life of the cartridge. Water flows evenly and freely, even with changes in water pressure. 



3.  Incoming pressure forces the water through the layer of Micro-Pure and through the filter membrane. The openings in the Micro-Pure layer are so small that any particle ½ micron (1/50,000 inch) or larger is removed.


 4. Filtered water channels up through the rigid grid structure of the filter membrane and out of the system. 
Block Membrane  A typical 10" carbon block filter has a surface area of 78.5 square inches.                    

Pleated Membrane  The surface area of a pleated membrane in a 10" Everpure precoat filter is 444 square inches. That's 5.6 times more surface area.  

Aluminum Can  A heavy-duty, aluminum cartridge housing protects the Everpure filter system from splitting or bursting. It's lined with a food-grade polymer that prevents the water from coming in contact with the aluminum.