Brewing & Storing Tea

Brewing & Storing Tea

  • Pre-heat pot or cup with hot water, empty, then add selected tea.
  • Pour the hot water over the tea.
  • Let it steep for the recommended amount of time.
  • Remove the leaves, pouch or bag and enjoy!
  • For stronger tea, use more tea. Do not increase the steep time.  However, there is an exception to this rule. Certain white, green and oolong teas are good for multiple brews in which case, you should increase the steep time to maintain the desired flavor.

    For those who want to take the preparation of tea to the highest level, you should brew each type of tea at the recommended brewing temperature for that particular tea type. Unfortunately, there is no consensus among the leading tea houses as to the exact time and temperature required to steep a cup or pot of tea. So we at Good As Gold are presenting you a guideline for you to try and adjust to your taste. Remember, do not increase the steep time because this will impart more tannin into the tea and make it a bitter brew. You should adjust the amount of tea or water temperature to adjust the strength.


    Suggested Steep Time and Temperature


    Black Tea Oolong Tea Green Tea White Tea Herbal Tisanes Fruit Tisanes
     3-4 min  4-6 min. 2-3 min.  5-6 min.  5-7 min.  5-7 min. 
     205-210 190-202  175-180  175-180  198-208  198-208 


    Storing Tea

     There are certain conditions that should be avoided in order to ensure the shelf-life, aroma and flavor of tea.  Ideally, tea should be stored in an air-tight container and avoid:

    1. Light – Your tea should be stored in a dark cabinet.
    2. Odor – Teas absorb odors.  Keep away other flavored teas as well.
    3. Moisture – Tea will absorb water the air.  Keep away humid areas.
    4. Air – Tea will absorb moisture and odors the air.  Keep tin closed.
    5. Heat – This affects the quality as well. Keep tea away by your stove or oven.

    There are differences in packaging among the various tea companies we distribute. It is always in your best interest to identify the best use by date and to do what you can do to control the variables for brewing and storing your tea.

    Air-tight Containers