Selecting the Best Coffee Beans

Dan SelectionNot all coffee beans are created equal. That is why we select only the best coffee beans around the world for your coffee enjoyment. Before we purchase any coffee to be roasted, green coffee samples are sent to us for evaluation. We roast a small sample of the coffee, grind it and add piping hot water. After stirring, sniffing, slurping and spitting, we are able to evaluate the flavor, aroma and body of the coffee. This procedure is called "cupping the coffee". After careful scrutiny, a determination is made as to which coffees we select to buy. Depending upon its particular characteristics, we will sell the coffee as a 'single origin' coffee or it will be included in one of our gourmet blends. Coffee, like wine, is affected by the environmental conditions under which it is grown and harvested. Not every crop produces great coffee. If it doesn't meet our high standards, we won't buy it or sell it to you. However, when we come across an exceptional coffee, we will purchase it and include it in our coffee offerings. Periodically check our coffee offerings, you may find your cup of infinite pleasure.