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Our objective is for you to have access to the same delicious coffees and refreshment products that we distribute commercially to the finest restaurants, cafes and businesses.  Now you can buy directly from Good As Gold and savor the flavor of our freshly roasted coffees, artisan crafted teas and specialty drinks for your home or home office. We offer our expertise in helping you to select the best equipment and products to satisfy your refreshment needs and budgetary requirements.

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Res Single Cup

About Single-cup

The concept of brewing freshly roasted and ground coffee by-the-cup (single-cup, single-serve) using the drip method is a popular way of making coffee in the home. Recognizing the need for convenience, choice and ease of use, many manufacturers have entered the single-serve arena with their own proprietary equipment, packaging and product selection. Good As Gold Coffee will be able to assist you in choosing the best system for you at an affordable price.

Flavia Single Cup          Single Serve Pods            Single Cup For Keurig

Bunn Velocity

About Traditional Brewing

Another term for traditional brewing is “batch brewing,” whereby multiple cups of coffee are brewed simultaneously either into a glass pot or into an insulated container. You can achieve an excellent cup of coffee because you can brew a larger amount of coffee (releasing more soluble solids into the brew) as well as control the contact time of the water with the coffee. Traditional brewing is the most cost effective way of brewing coffee.  It is ideal for large groups and gatherings.

Brewing Options

Lavazza Espresso

About Espresso and Cappuccino

When you think of espresso, it conjures up the visual of an outdoor café with someone drinking from a demitasse cup enjoying the sights and sounds around him or her. The coffee inside the cup is espresso. It is prepared by forcing hot water under pressure through finely ground dark roast coffee. Espresso is the base for other café drinks such as; cappuccinos, lattes and mochaccinos. Let Good As Gold Coffee transform your home or home office into a bistro café.

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Everpure Water

Drinking Water Systems 

Water plays an important role in our daily lives. In the past, in order to get good tasting water, you bought bottled water by the gallon or by the jug for your cooler. It was expensive, took up a lot of room, and may have given you more stuff than you bargained for like BPA, leaky bottles, and floating unknown entities.  Today there is a better way to achieve better tasting water for drinking, cooking, and your pets. Good As Gold has “top performing” water filtration systems that save you money and are eco-friendly. They also provide an unlimited supply of clean, refreshing great-tasting water for just pennies a gallon.  When possible, you can hook-up your filtration system to your refrigerator, icemaker, chiller or a bottle-less water cooler.

Bottle-Less Water Cooler Programs      Point of Use Filtration Systems               Water Chillers & Ice Makers


Pot O Gold

Good As Gold Rewards Program

Our rewards program is an incentive program to encourage you, and for you to persuade your friends or family members, to buy from us rather than other online retailers. Points can be earned when you purchase items as well as when you interact and participate on our website, blog, and social media community. Points can then be used for future purchases. 

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