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Office Coffee Services

Our objective is to keep everybody happy and productive in the work-place.  We offer a wide range of equipment and products to satisfy your refreshment needs and budgetary requirements.  The commercial coffee brewing equipment is provided at no charge with the understanding that you purchase the products by us and maintain a minimum usage requirement.  We do not believe in contracts nor should you.  Your office coffee service provider should earn your respect and business by doing a good job for you.  That is our goal!

Flavia C400

About Single-cup

The concept of brewing freshly roasted and ground coffee by-the-cup (single-cup, single-serve) using the drip method is a popular way of making coffee.  Recognizing the need for convenience, choice and ease of use, many manufacturers have entered the single-serve arena with their own proprietary equipment, packaging and product selection.  Good As Gold Coffee will be able to assist you in choosing the best system for you at an affordable price.

Flavia Single Cup           Single Serve Pods      Single Cup For Keurig 

Bunn 3 burner

About Traditional Brewing

Another term for traditional brewing is “batch brewing,” whereby multiple cups of coffee are brewed simultaneously either into a glass pot or into an insulated container.  In most cases, you can achieve an excellent cup of coffee because you can brew a larger amount of coffee (releasing more soluble solids into the brew) as well as control the contact time of the water with the coffee.  Traditional brewing is the most cost effective way of brewing coffee but requires the most human intervention.

By The Pot                    Batch Brewing                    Grind And Brew  


Lavazza Matinee

About Espresso

When you think of espresso, it conjures up the visual of an outdoor café with someone drinking  a demitasse cup enjoying the sights and sounds around him or her. The coffee inside the cup is espresso. It is prepared by forcing hot water under pressure through finely ground dark roast coffee. Espresso is the base for other café drinks such as; cappuccinos, lattes and macchiatos. Good As Gold Coffee offers systems that make excellent espresso with easy to use equipment. 

Lavazza Espresso                    Flavia Espresso

Coffee on Demand

About Coffee-On-Demand

Coffee-On-Demand is another name for liquid coffee concentrate.  The liquid coffee maker mixes water with the coffee concentrate directly. It is the ratio of the concentrate to water which determines the yield and strength of the finished product.  This system enables high-volume locations to service their clientele quickly and efficiently with minimal maintenance.  Good As Gold Coffee offers systems to meet your “coffee on demand” needs. This is a brewing system that has a definite niche.

Liquid Coffee                   Liquid Tea


About Break Room And Pantry Supplies

To have a smooth running and efficient business seems easy to achieve, but in reality it takes a lot of work. Good As Gold Coffee offers you a full range of products such as paper goods, plastic tableware, beverages, snacks and much more for your convenience.  Our service allows you to focus on the job at hand and create a happy work environment. 

 Bottled Water, Juices, and Soda                    Paper Goods And Cutlery

           Eco-Friendly Products                              Candy And Snacks

water cooler

 Drinking Water Systems

Water plays an important role in our daily lives.  Good As Gold offers “a better way for better water” in your business.  In the past, in order to get good water in the work-place, you would have had to bring in a service that provided coolers that accepted heavy bottles of water.  Today, we can provide you with a bottle-less water cooler or chiller outfitted with a top performing filter system that transforms your tap water into an unlimited supply of crisp, clean refreshing water.  Let Good As Gold alleviate the hassle and inconvenience of lifting and storing heavy water bottles and at the same time provide your business a substantial cost savings with an eco-friendly solution. This is a win-win program! 

              Bottle-Less Water Cooler Programs                    Point of Use Water Filtration Systems                    Water Chillers & Ice Makers

Corporate Gifts

About Corporate Incentives and Gift Ideas

How do you reward an employee for “a job well done” that would be appreciated, yet won’t break the bank?  Or make a friendly gift to a vendor or a customer when they visit or do business with you. A coffee or tea incentive fills the bill.  It’s a healthy and tasteful gift that exudes hospitality, warmth and appreciation. Good As Gold has worked with many businesses to develop incentive programs which are greatly appreciated and helped solidify many business relationships. We can do it for you too!

Gift Selections                    Design Your Own Custom Gifts


 Good As Gold Coffee provides office coffee delivery service in the Worcester, Boston, and Springfield markets. We offer office coffee service via UPS in all other locations.