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Our objective is to provide you with the best quality coffee for the money that will allow you to compete with anyone.  In today’s world, coffee is critical for your success.  We consider our coffee as “meal insurance” for your culinary effort.  We offer a wide range of equipment and products for you to develop a profitable coffee program with.  The commercial coffee brewing equipment is provided at no charge with the understanding that you purchase the products from us and maintain a minimum usage requirement.  We do not believe in contracts nor should you.  Your coffee supplier should earn your respect and business by doing a good job for you. That is our goal!

satellite brewers

 About Traditional Brewing

Another term for traditional brewing is “batch brewing,” whereby multiple cups of coffee are brewed simultaneously either into a glass pot or into an insulated container.  When using Good As Gold Coffee, you can achieve an excellent cup of coffee because you can brew a larger amount of coffee (releasing more soluble solids into the brew) as well as control the contact time of the water with the coffee.  The traditional brewing systems that we provide and service are the most cost effective way of brewing coffee. 

By The Pot                   Batch Brewing                    Grind And Brew     


About Our Espresso Service

 Offering espresso and espresso based drinks can be profitable and enhance your image.  It can also be costly if you make a sizeable investment and expect unrealistic volume or equipment that is problem-free.  Good As Gold Coffee understands this and offers innovative solutions for making espresso affordable and profitable for you.  Our systems require only a regular electric outlet (in most cases no waterline, no 220 electrical, no grinder, no water conditioning filter, no experience necessary).  If you or your wait staff can put in a cartridge and press a button, you can make a delicious espresso every time. 

Lavazza Espresso                   Frothing Systems

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About Our Single-Cup Options

The concept of brewing freshly roasted and ground coffee by-the-cup (single-cup, single-serve) is starting to be incorporated into the food service industry.  Recognizing the need for convenience, choice and ease of use, many manufacturers have entered the single-serve arena with their own proprietary equipment, packaging and product selection.  Good As Gold Coffee will be able to help food establishments serve their patrons specialty coffees without brewing a whole pot.  Just as there are dessert menus, you will be able to offer a coffee menu to your customers. We can also assist you in pairing our coffees with your desserts.

Good As Gold Pods                   Flavia Single Serve

liquid coffee

About Coffee-On-Demand

Coffee-On-Demand is another name for liquid coffee concentrate.  The liquid coffee maker mixes water with the coffee concentrate directly. It is the ratio of the concentrate to water which determines the yield and strength of the finished product.  This system enables high-volume locations with limited space to service their clientele quickly and efficiently.  Good As Gold Coffee offers a variety of systems to meet your “coffee on demand” needs.  If convenience is your top priority, this system should work for you.

Liquid Coffee                    Liquid Tea

tea program

About Our Tea Programs

Good As Gold Coffee values tea drinkers and you should too! Today, people are demanding better quality teas. This is not a trend, it is here to stay. Just like offering a great cup of coffee at the end of a meal, an offering of quality teas are “meal insurance” for your culinary efforts. We offer a wide variety of specialty teas in tea bags, tea pouches, and loose teas. It’s also easy, profitable and can enhance your business image. It is in your best interest to have a successful hot tea and iced tea program.  Let Good As Gold assist you to develop one.

Tea Bags (Variety)                    Loose Tea (Variety)

Food Water

About Water Filtration

One of the most important commodities in your food and beverage establishment is your water.  The quality of the water can have a dramatic impact on your foodservice business.  Good As Gold has “top-of-the line” water filtration systems that ensure your water is clean, clear and consistent.  This allows you to enhance the quality of your food and beverages and at the same time, protect your expensive equipment.  All national chains take water seriously, you should too!

Point Of Use Filtration                    Coolers & Chillers