The Dr. Smoothie Advantage

The Dr. Smoothie Advantage

Good As Gold Coffee has been a Dr. Smoothie Distributor for over 12 years. Before Dr. Smoothie, Good As Gold distributed Big Train products. However, after trying Dr. Smoothie, visiting their manufacturing facility, meeting with the Dr. Smoothie Team, we were so impressed, we knew we had to distribute their products and the rest is history. Twelve years later, we couldn’t be happier and our customers couldn’t be happier. We want you to feel comfortable  when teaming up with Good As Gold Coffee and Dr. Smoothie. Since our success is based upon your success, our goal is to provide you with the tools to be profitable and keep your customers coming back again and again. 

To Be The Best ... You Must Use The Best!

Dr Smoothie  The Competition
 The amount of fruit in our smoothie!  The amount of fruit in the competition's smoothie!

It's all about the fruit. Your customers order a "Fruit Smoothie" because they want a drink that is healthy, delicious, and contains fruit. What many shop owners don't realize is that Dr. Smoothie surpasses the competition by providing them with the means to satisfy their customer’s demands. All other smoothie brands seem to focus on the word REAL. But what is REAL about piles of refined sugar, artificial flavors, artificial colors, and artificial preservatives. Your customers deserve better! That is why you should choose Dr. Smoothie. With only 130 calories per 8 oz. smoothie, no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, and no preservatives, with fruit (not water) as its first ingredient displayed on every bottle makes Dr. Smoothie the indisputable champion of all smoothies and number one in your cup.

Dr. Smoothie offers two types of smoothies to fit your needs


Crushed Blends Classic Blends
100% Crushed Fruit Blends Classic Fruit Blends
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A System That Works

Making a Dr. Smoothie fruit smoothie is as easy as 1-2-3. To make a perfect smoothie all you need to do is blend the Dr. Smoothie Real Fruit Puree with ice and water. That’s it! Anyone can do it. The process is simple which keeps your cost steady, cuts out waste, and allows you to provide the most consistent product for your customer to enjoy over and over again. 

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Dr. Smoothie Products Are Profitable

As a shop owner, you can realize a healthy markup and feel good about providing your customers with a superior and healthy product. Also, with the Dr. Smoothie perfect pour method, you are not blending away your profits as with other smoothie alternatives. If you decide to use store bought fruit, often the price fluctuates week to week and the consistency and sweetness of fruit varies with every batch. It’s almost impossible for you to control your costs and the consistency of the product. Dr. Smoothie uses only vine ripened fruit; this insures that the sweetness of every smoothie is consistent and delicious. The easy pour system guarantees that every smoothie costs and tastes the same. Dr. Smoothie is shelf stable and has a six month shelf-life when unopened. 

The Support You Need For Success


If you choose Good As Gold Coffee to be your Dr. Smoothie distributor, you will not be disappointed. We will do all that we can to help you to become successful. For starters, a Good As Gold sales representative will meet with you to demo the complete product line and assist you in creating an effective menu. We would also schedule a training session for your employees to make them proficient blenderistas. Point of Sale Materials such as table tents, posters, banners, counter signs, and frequent buyer cards are available to help you to promote and sell Dr. Smoothie products. We also have fun and easy recipes to keep your menu exciting for your customers.

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