Cafe Essentials

Cafe Essentials

Specialty Café Beveages

Do you know how to make a decadent mocha? The perfect chai latte with the precise amount of spice and creaminess that will get your customers’ calling out Chai Latte? We do. And we’re going to let you in on a secret. You can too! Dr. Smoothie Brands have developed a line of café essential products that allow you to easily make world class café beverages.

Baristas and home users alike all agree that Cafe Essentials produce the professional results they seek when making their favorite gourmet specialty beverages. Whether you prefer your beverages hot, over ice or frozen blended  and flavors like Ja’Mocha, Cocoa'ccino and Original Chai, Cafe Essentials is sure to impress. All Café Essentials gourmet beverages and Barista lines contain no trans fat or hydrogenated oils. Café Essentials are designed with quality ingredients and contain NO artificial flavors, NO artificial sweeteners, NO added colors, NO trans fat, NO hydrogenated oils and Gluten Free.

Product Selection 

 Mocha    Specialties
Mochas Chais Specialties
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Hot Cocoa

Vanillas and Bases
Blended and Iced Cocoas Vanillas and Bases       
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Scoopology is simply making the process of creating specialty beverages simple. Each Café Essential product comes with a corresponding scoop that measures the correct amount of powder for each size beverage. The nice thing is that the scoopology system is consistent among all the café essential products.  This allows for easy training of staff and consistent tasting beverages.


Café Essentials are profitable

By choosing Café Essentials, you will be very pleased with the healthy markup that your drinks will command. You can also feel good about serving your customers a superior product made with the highest quality ingredients. Many of the cocoas and mochas utilize Ghirardelli Chocolate in the recipe. The café essentials scoopology system will standardize the process of making your specialty drinks so that you can easily train your staff to make a consistent beverage every time and know your profit margins at all times. If creativity is your style, the café essentials are an excellent base for engineering your very own unique signature drinks while cutting down production time and remaining profitable. This is the reason why many of the best baristas and cafés choose Café Essentials.


The Support You Need For Success

If you choose Good As Gold Coffee to be your Café Essentials distributor, you will not be disappointed. We will do all that we can to help you to become successful. For starters, a Good As Gold sales representative will meet with you to demo the complete product line and assist you in creating an effective menu. We would also schedule a training session for your employees to make your signature specialty drinks. Point of Sale Materials such as table tents, posters, banners, counter signs, and frequent buyer cards are available to help you to promote and sell Café Essential products. We also have fun and easy recipes to keep your menu exciting for your customers.