Coffee Offerings

Coffee Offerings


Coffee Offerings

 We at Good As Gold Coffee are coffee enthusiasts. We have grown over the past 40 years but our mission of of finding top shelf coffees for our customers has remained constant. This is what we enjoy most! We constantly sample roast interesting coffees from growers and importers from around the world to find beans that we are proud to feature. Due to fluctuations in growing conditions and availabiltity of certain cofffees from year to year, we make adjustments in our product offerings. Below is a list of our freshly roasted gourmet whole bean coffee offerings; follow our blog and newsletters for updates and new offerings. 


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Single Origin Coffees Coffee Blends Organic / Fair Trade  Decaf Coffees
100% Colombian Excelso Breakfast Blend Colombian Campesina 100% Colombian
100% Colombian Supremo French Roast Peruvian Dark Roast French Roast 
Costa Rica Tarrazu Espresso Blend Mexican Altura Organic Mexican Altura 
Guatemalan Antigua Italian Roast Dominican Cafe la Cotorra  Vienna Roast
Hawaiin Kauai House Blend Dark Roast Blend  
Jamaican Blue Mountain Royal Blend Breakfast Blend  
Kenya AA Kona Blend Italian Roast  
Tanzania Peaberry Vienna Roast                   Rwanda  
Yemen Mocha Matari Seatle Select  Organic Sumatra Dark Rost   
Monsoon Malabar AA Donut Shop    
Papa New Guinea  Mocha Java     
Sumatra Dark Roast      

Whole Bean Flavored Coffees

Amaretto Cinnamon - Hazelnut Cream Kahlua  Tiramisu
Avalanche (Chocolate Mint) Danish Pastry Macadamia Nut Toasted Almond
Banana Nut Crunch Double Mocha Cappuccino Pralines & Cream Vanilla Hazelnut
Brazilian Nut Crunch French Vanilla Pumpkin Spice Vanilla Nut Cream
Caramel Creme Chocolate Raspberry Roasted Chestnut French Vanilla 
Chocolate Bavarian Cream Graham Cracker Crunch Rocky Road Vermont Maple Nut
Chocolate Eggnog (Seasonal) Hazelnut Cream Snickerdoodle  
Chocolate Mousse Highlander Grogg Southern Pecan  
Chocolate Snickerdoodle Irish Cream Strawberries & Cream  
Chocolate Truffle Jamaican Rum Swiss Mocha Almond  

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Good As Gold 100% Colombian

100% Colombian Excelso

We only use the finest 100% Colombian Excelso Beans from the temperate mountains of the Andes. Each bean is masterfully roasted leaving the palate with a sweet and nutty flavor. This is tryuly one of the great coffees of the world; a coffee that gives the perfect balance of aroma, body and flavor. (Also available naturally decaffeinated)

Good As Gold Donut Shop

Donut Shop Blend

Donut shop blend is a unique mix of 100% Arabica beans delivering a smooth, delicious flavor. This blend is very similar to the original blends fround in some of the best donut shops. 

Good As Gold Vienna Roast

Vienna Dark Roast

A darker roast using premium 100% Arabica beans. The roast produces a strong and bold taste, yet it keeps a very nice smooth finish without the burnt after taste. We recommend this to anyone who likes a stronger coffee without the burn and smokey taste of a very dark roast. (Also available naturally decaffeinated)

Good As Gold Breakfast Blend

Breakfast Blend

A smooth and mild blend made from the highest quality South and Central American beans. This blend is light bodied and mild roasted for the perfect wake-me-up cup of coffee.

Sumatra Dark Roast

Sumatra Dark Roast

Grown on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Our Sumatra Mandheling coffee resonates a relaxed power. Full-bodied, bold and deep with flavor yet low in acidity providing it with and elegantly smooth finnish. 


Pre-Measured Flavored Coffees

Blueberry                                                        Hazelnut
Caramel Cream Irish Cream
Cinnamon Sticky Bun Kahlua
Chocolate Cupcake Pumpkin Spice
Chocolate Raspberry Snickerdoodle
Coconut Vermont Maple
Egg Nog Decaf Hazelnut
French Vanilla Decaf French Vanilla


We Also Carry National Brands From ...

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