Cafe Equipment

Commercial Cafe Coffee Equipment

Traditional Glass Pot Brewers

Bloomfield 8571  Bloomfield Auto  2 Burner Pourover
3 Burner Pourover  3 Burner Automatic  2 Burner Pourover
Features and Specs  Features and Specs  Freatures and Specs

Bunn VP17  Bloomfield Auto Integrity  Bunn CWT4-2
 Bunn VP 17-3 Pourover Bloomfield 3 Burner Auto Integrity                     Bunn 6 Burner
 Features and Specs Features and Specs  Features and Specs


Thermal Coffee Brewers

Bunn Wave Newco AP Brewer  Newco Tall Airpot Brewer
 Bunn Wave Brewer          Newco ACE-Airpot Brewer  Newco Tall Airpot Brewer
Features and Specs  Freatures and Specs  Features and Specs

Curtis Dual Airpot Brewer  PBIC 430  spacer
 Curtis Dual Airpot Brewer   Grindmaster PBIC 430  
 Features and Specs  Features and Specs  

Satellite Coffee Brewers & Urns

If you are a high volume location and require a high performance brewer, than a satellite brewing system may work for you.  If you require more fire power in a shorter brewing time, multi-gallon urns may be the right choice. 

Curtis Gem SS Grindmaster P300 Grindmaster P400E
 Curtis GemSS           Grindmaster P300E  Grindmaster P400E
 Features and Specs  Features and Specs  Features and Specs


Bunn Dual Bunn SRU Grindmaster Twin Urn
 Bunn Dual Satellite Brewer  Bunn SRU (3 Gallon Urn)  Grindmaster Twin 3 Galon Urn
 Features and Specs  Features and Specs  Features and Specs

Coffee Grinders

Grindmaster 190SS Grindmaster 250 series  Bunn Grinder
 Grindmaster 190SS  Grindmaster 250 Series  Bunn G2 Grinder
 Features and Specs  Features and Specs  Features and Specs


 Lavazza Matinee Froth Au Lait Newco Bistro II
Lavazza Espresso Point   Froth Au Lait            Newco Bistro 2 
 Sell Sheet  Professional Excell  Cappuccino Machine 
Specs and Trouble Shooting  Features and Specs    Specs and Features


Combo-Brewers (Iced Tea/Coffee)

Bunn Combo Brewer Bunn Twin Combo Brewer
 Features and Specs  Features and Specs

Air Infusion Brewer

Bunn Trifecta

Bunn Trifecta

Features and Specs

Initial Set-Up

How to Brew