Tanzania Peaberry
tanzania peaberry coffee

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Tanzania Peaberry

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Our Tanzania Peaberry coffee is grown on the hillsides of Mt. Kilamanjaro. It produces a bright clean and complex cup coffee that gives way to a sweet melon finish.

Tanzania Peaberry is one of the many mysteries in the coffee world. Most coffee plants produce berries that contain two coffee beans in each berry. The Tanzania Coffee plant produces only one oval bean. The rarity is not that a coffee plant produces Peaberries, although not common, it does happen. The rarity is that Tanzania is one of the few countries that produce whole crops of Peaberry Coffee Beans. So, how does this affect taste? Some experts argue it makes a better cup, others say the opposite. What they do agree on is that Peaberries produce a slightly different taste then non Peaberry Coffees. Our Tanzania Peaberry coffee is grown in the Mt. Kilamanjaro region. Our Tanzania Peaberry produces a bright clean and complex coffee. It has a gentle sweet taste that gives way to a melon finish.


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