Office Coffee Service Boston

Good As Gold Coffee And Flavia Beverage Systems, Heat Up 
Boston's Office Coffee Market

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Ever since the Boston Tea Party, Bostonians have accepted coffee as their patriotic beverage. With this same passion, Boston businesses are embracing the "Revolutionary" single cup brewing system by Flavia that is distributed by Good As Gold Coffee. Unlike all other coffee brewers in the Boston market, Good As Gold's Flavia beverage system offers coffee house quality beverages at a fraction of the price of Boston's best coffee shops. Flavia distinguishes itself from all other single cup brewing systems in Boston by its patented "brew through the pack" technology which insures no cross contamination of tastes between brews. Because the beverage is brewed in the pack and drips directly into the cup without touching any part of the brewer, Boston coffee drinkers will experience a clean satisfying beverage cup after cup. Other single cup brewers taint the next cup due to the fact that the previous cup is brewed through a common pathway. 
At this time, the C4000 brewer by Flavia is the only single cup brewing system in Boston that offers Boston's most discriminating coffee drinkers authentic cappuccino. It actually froths the milk as well as Boston's best coffee house Baristas. For those who prefer tea or hot chocolate, the Flavia beverage system also fits the bill. For Boston's strong coffee drinkers who prefer a coffee connection to a Starbuck's taste profile, Flavia offers its Sumatran and Espresso Roast coffees. For those individuals who enjoy medium or mild tasting coffees, Flavia has a full spectrum of satisfying coffees. 
Small offices and homeowners in Boston do not have to be left out either. Good As Gold Coffee is now introducing the C150 Brewer to Boston. This coffee brewer has the same functionality as the C400 brewer except that it cannot be connected to a water line and it does not make a frothed cappuccino. Good As Gold Coffee provides the C150 brewer to qualified businesses free of charge or it is available for sale at an unbelievable price of only $99.00 plus tax and shipping. Now Bostonians can enjoy great coffee in the office as well as at home. 
Currently, Good As Gold Coffee and Flavia Beverage Systems is experiencing rapid growth in the Boston market. Flavia, a division of M&M Mars has become the coffee brewing system of choice by the leading legal firms in the Boston and Metrowest market. Clients of all nationalities enjoy being greeted with their favorite beverage from their place of origin. There is no greater sign of hospitality than offering your client an exceptional cup of tea or coffee. It almost makes the bill bearable. The firms also appreciate the quality service Good As Gold provides. Quality convenience and price truly make it a valuable asset in every law firm. Boston Colleges and Boston Universities are also taking advantage of Flavia, the single cup brewing system provided by Good As Gold. The Flavia Beverage System allows the Boston academic facilities to provide a wide selection of coffees, teas, and cocoa to their students, faculty, and guests. The C400 Brewer by Flavia has coin capability, which allows for the collection of money where coin control is needed. 
In colleges as well as in the office environment, coffee is considered to be a productivity stimulator. That is why Boston colleges and Boston universities appreciate the quality; convenience and price of the coffee service provided by Good As Gold Coffee and the stimulation that Flavia beverage system creates.
Another phenomenon that is taking place in Boston is that people are getting to work early to enjoy drinking the Flavia coffee in the office. Many people are passing up the long lines and expensive coffees in favor of the Flavia coffee brewed at work. Boston's office coffee is going through a coffee renaissance because Good As Gold and Flavia have taken office coffee to a new level.
If you are in the Boston / Metrowest market, and would like to enjoy coffee service at its best, please contact Good As Gold Coffee Systems at 1-800-322-0439 or visit us on the web at Let Good As Gold and Flavia beverage systems "heat up" your life and your coffee enjoyment.