Flavia Coffee - French Roast - 1 Rail (20 servings)
Flavia Alterra French Roast

Flavia Coffee - French Roast - 1 Rail (20 servings)





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The Flavia French Froast is fresh take on a classic french dark roast. A cup that's heavy bodied, with a smoky twist.

Bold and hearty, the Flavia French Roast is a classic favorite among dark roast lovers. Our fresh take on this classic dark roast is a cup that's heavy bodied, with a smoky twist and a lingering finish.

More than 30% of the coffee in the Flavia French Roast originates from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.

It all started with three friends who required something that was hard to come by in 1993  something strong and full of flavor to keep them well fueled for long nights and hard work. These guys were in need of some real quality coffee, and in order to get it they decided to do it themselves. And so ALTERRA was born. Through hard work, dedication and a continual commitment to strive for the best, ALTERRA gives you great quality coffee with distinctive big flavor.

With the FLAVIA FRESH RELEASE TM/MC System, our brewers serve the perfect cup of Alterra Coffee with our simple, clean and reliable brewing machines.


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