Decaf House Blend Coffee Pods - Good As Gold Coffee - (1 box / 18 coffee pods)
Decaf House Blend Coffee Pods - Good As Gold Coffee - (1 box / 18 coffee pods)

Decaf House Blend Coffee Pods - Good As Gold Coffee - (1 box / 18 coffee pods)

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We roast this coffee to a medium roast. It is a smooth blend of the highest quality naturally decaffeinated Arabica coffee beans.

Good As Gold Decaf House Blend coffee pods are pre-packaged in a single 61mm paper filter containing 10 grams of our very own freshly roasted and ground coffee. They are then individually sealed in a foil pack to ensure maximum freshness. Our Decaf House Blend coffee pod is 100% biodegradable and compostable. Our customers enjoy our artisan crafted coffee pods and tell us they remind them of the hand-crafted coffees made by their neighborhood barista. Our coffee pods will work with most coffee pod machines including the Senseo Coffee Pods Maker, Hamilton Beach Coffee Pod Machine, Bloomfield Coffee Pod Brewer, Bunn Coffee Pod Maker, Black & Decker Pod Coffee Maker, SunCana Pod Coffee Brewer, and Aeropress coffee pod machines!

For the best brewing results, we do recommend using our coffee pods with dedicated pod coffee machines. Your brewer must create a tight seal around the pod so that water is forced through the coffee grounds versus bypassing the coffee and brewing around the edges leaving you with a weak unsatisfying cup of coffee. We tend to see this happen when using a combo brewer. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are looking to purchase K-Cups, please use this link: K-Cup Compatible Cups

Good As Gold Coffee has over 45 years of experience sourcing the best coffees from around the world. We private label coffees for some of the very best restaurants, cafes, and specialty shops in the Boston market. We purchase many of our coffees directly from family farms to ensure quality, consistency and a fair price for the farmer. The coffee pod has allowed us to offer many of our select coffees in the convenience of a coffee pod to be enjoyed by businesses and homes one cup at a time. We have the slogan, Enjoy Life ... One Cup At A Time! We feel you will love our Decaf House Blend Coffee Pod.


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